Medaglione di coniglio, mousse dei suoi  fegatini al timo, gelatina di Teroldego Rotaliano e mirtilli
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Rabbit medallion with mousse of rabbit livers cooked with thyme and Teroldego Rotaliano and blueberry jelly



Filetto di coniglio
Fegatini di coniglio
Vino Teroldego Rotaliano
Mirtilli di bosco
Pere kaiser
Vino Santo Trentino
Sale, Pepe nero qb


On the side, brown the shallot with the pears, add the Vino Santo Trentino and let it evaporate completely. After removing the bile sac and washing them under running water, sauté the rabbit livers with Garda Trentino extra virgin olive oil DOP, salt and black pepper. Add the pear and shallot mixture to the livers and cook at medium heat for a few minutes. Let cool and then mix with mascarpone until it reaches the right consistency.
Salt and pepper the rabbit filets, brown them in a skillet with the fresh thyme. Finish cooking them in the oven at moderate temperature for about 5 minutes. Cover them and set them aside. 
After cleaning and washing the blueberries, delicately dry them with kitchen paper. Make a reduction of Teroldego wine by bringing it to a boil in a pan until it is reduced to one fourth of its initial volume. Then add sugar and pectin to the blueberries, mix them well and then add the mixture to the wine reduction. Bring to a boil and cook for about two minutes, stir and then pour into a mould. When cold make the desired shape.

Brief Description:

In a finger food container, dress the liver mousse, place the rabbit medallion, season with a thin drizzle of Garda evo oil, and place the blueberry and Teroldego jelly on top.
Recipe presented on the occasion of the ‘Chef on the Road’ contest held during the Trentino Wine Festival by chef Paolo Dolzan of the ‘PerBacco’ restaurant
This recipe won 1st prize at the Chef on the Road contest