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Educational Farm Maso Simoni

Our educational farm in Val di Non (Trentino) was born from our desire to give all children the chance to experience, even briefly, our luck.

We want to give them the opportunity

...to pamper animals, get their hair licked by cows, play with Charlie, the donkey, chase the chickens in the meadow.

...to know where milk comes from, to meet who milk it and how to milk.
...to know what butter is and how it is made.
...to rake the hay in order to understand that life in the countryside is wonderful, but involves so much effort and sweat.
But a cuddle from the cows, from the donkey, from the horse, from the dog ... it's worth the effort!
Since our farm is working, our opening times to the public correspond to the time of our activities, which you can find on our website. But, for any request, we are always available!