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Lagorai Cheese

To taste the Lagorai cheese is to travel back in time to when the Lagorai mountain farmers produced this unique tasting “formai” (cheese).
Luck has it that the recipe for this cheese was found engraved on the back of an ancient wooden milk skimmer. The farmer wanted to leave trace of his precious knowledge, as if it were a graffiti handed down to modern times, and that gave us the opportunity to rediscover the tradition and taste of his cheese. His unconscious contribution has led contemporary cheese makers to follow his recipe back to the mountain pastures where Nature gives its utmost: good grass, pure water, healthy air and where our great workers, the cows, produce milk that has unique properties, smells of mountain flowers and of the many aromatic herbs that grow in the area.
This precious raw material reaches the dairy every day directly from the stall and, after being filtered and refrigerated so as to preserve its qualities, it is processed by following the engraved recipe meticulously.
The cheese is then aged in the traditional manner on fir planks, turned over and brushed every week, kept for about two months in a fresh and humid room where the fragrances of the herbs, grasses and flowers are exalted, until it reaches the consumer’s table who will appreciate its goodness.