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Marzemino is without doubt one of the most interesting grape varieties of Trentino’s viticulture. Ancient traces of its Asian origins have been found in old commercial documents in Cyprus.
It arrived in Trentino from the Dalmatian coast or – it is believed – from the Republic of Venice when it controlled trade routes in the entire Adriatic Sea.
Marzemino finds its ideal habitat in the vineyards of the Vallagarina, in the picturesque rural villages around Rovereto and especially around Isera and in the area called Ziresi.
Not surprisingly, Trentino D.O.C. Superiore Marzemino finds its birthplace here: a wine that has to comply to even stricter quality standards than the Trentino D.O.C.
Mozart also referred to this wine’s reputation when he was a guest of the Lodron family for one of his first Italian concerts, and honoured this Trentino wine by naming it in his Don Giovanni: “… pour the wine, the excellent Marzemino!”
Considered a native variety to Trentino, Marzemino has become one of the most important varieties in the province due to its qualities, its history and for its captivating character. Nearly 4000 tons of first-class grapes are harvested each year by about forty wineries that have had the skill and talent to enhance and safeguard its already solid tradition.
Dark ruby red wine with purple tones, the nose offers wild berry aromas and fragrances with floral nuances of violet flowers, mixed with delicate spicy notes and vaguely balsamic suggestions.
Generally defined the quintessence of “a gentle wine”, it is perfectly paired to white and red meat. Marzemino is outstanding with polenta and mushrooms, with roast meats and mature local cheese.

Tasting notes
One of its unforgettable characteristics: dark ruby red, with varied highlights that tend towards garnet-red for the riper versions.
It has immediate fragrances of wild berries and floral notes, such as violet flowers, combined to slightly spicy nuances. Pervasive in its simple character, it seduces with its pleasing suggestions of blackcurrant and morello cherry, especially if the wine originates from the Ziresi area (Volano - TN; left bank of the Adige).
Dry and quite smooth, the flavours reflect the fragrances sensed on the nose. Delicate in its honest and clean strength; appealing, easy, well-balanced in all and for all the senses.
Serving temperature
16° -18° C. Serve in glasses that do not have a very wide mouth.
Food and wine pairings
The Trentino wine and food culture pairs Marzemino to delicate dishes that are not too spicy. The perfect match is with corn polenta with mushrooms, but it also goes well with pork roasts, cooked cold meats, vegetables, beef or veal pot roasts, grilled fine poultry. Excellent with fish such as cod or trout with tasty vegetable sauces. Try pairing it with local mature cheese.

Source: Palazzo Roccabruna - Enoteca Provinciale del Trentino