Pinot Grigio
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Pinot Grigio

This grape varietal features berries with a copper-colored skin that give a very sweet must. The vinification process produces mainly white wines, which exhibit their best characteristics while young, when its fineness is underlined by its elegant full-bodiedness. The wine produced by leaving the must for a short time in contact with the crushed skins goes under the German name "Rülander". This vinification technique gives the wine a delicate copper color.

Tasting notes
Straw yellow, at times with copper-colored hues.
Typically fruity, with the aroma of ripe pears.
Dry, flavorful and well-balanced.
Food and wine pairing
It pairs well with many dishes, from pasta with elaborate sauces, to egg dishes, from boiled chicken to small sea fish.
Serving temperature
10-12° C.