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In 1948, a researcher at the San Michele Agrarian Institute, one Rebo Rigotti, crossed the Merlot and Teroldego varietals obtaining an excellent red wine, subsequently named Rebo, and combining the gentle aromas of Teroldego with the robust full-bodied characteristics of Merlot. This Trentino DOC Rebo exhibits its full character while it is still young, although it is also moderately suitable for bottle-aging.

Tasting notes
More or less deeply ruby red.
Berry-fruited, with light herbaceous and spicy notes.
Smooth, flavorful and full-bodied, particularly balanced.
Food and wine pairing
It pairs well with lamb chops, flavored with rosemary and green pepper, and red meats too, such as char-grilled side of beef or beef entrecote.
Serving temperature
18° C.