Azienda Agricola Eredi di Cobelli Aldo
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Azienda Agricola Eredi di Cobelli Aldo

The Cobelli Family settled at the number 22 of the Panizza di Sopra farm in the middle of the 19th century, acquiring the property from nobleman Domenico De Panizza of Taio. For 150 years, the art of cultivating land has been an inheritance passed from generation to generation.

Beloved Dad Aldo died suddenly from a heart attack, in September 2005. What seemed like the end was the beginning of a wonderful adventure, both in the vineyard and humanly speaking. The Azienda Agricola Eredi di Cobelli Aldo was born out of the will to preserve the essence of agricultural life.

The farm, founded in 2008, is located at 360 metres above sea level. The cellar was carved out by arranging the premises of the old family warehouse.

The Cobelli family invites you to visit its premises to understand in greater depth the synergy they wanted to create between wine and territory.

Vini, tra cui:

Vini bianchi: Gèss Gewurztraminer, Nosiol Nosiola, Arlevo Sorni Doc

Vini rossi:Grill Teroldego, Schiava

Spumanti: Aldo Metodo Classico 50 mesi sui lieviti dosaggio zero

Orari apertura e visite guidate:

dal Lunedì al Sabato,

dalle 8.00 alle 20.00,

Domenica: dalle 8.00 alle 12.00.

Chiuso la Domenica pomeriggio.

Visite guidate solo su prenotazione. 

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