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Graceful as a flying glider, seductive like a melody, harmonious like the contrasts of the magnificent Dolomites. This is TRENTODOC, a “Metodo Classico” spumante born in Trentino that has become – irresistible and vivacious– an ambassador of quality and elegance the world through.
Ever-present star for all celebrations, it turns any meal into a special occurrence.
The mountains, with their alpine climate, and Lake Garda, with its mild temperatures, amongst lakes, castles and ancient buildings, are the diverse landscapes of this multi-faceted land, Trentino, that guards the secret to the “Metodo Classico” spumante, today one of the most popular sparkling wines in Italy. Thirty-seven wineries produce spumante in Trentino, with over 90 labels of brut, single-vintage, reserves and rosés …you just have to let yourself be tempted … taste and see for yourself!

Tasting notes
Clear, straw-yellow with golden highlights; dense, fine and persistent perlag 
Varied fruity bouquet, sumptuous and floral, with nuances of freshly baked bread, yeast, pastries and vanilla, but also notes of apricot, peach and tropical fruits. It also has slightly spicy notes as well as a range of other nuances: roasted hazelnuts and aromas that range from the freshness of golden apples to the warmth of white chocolate.
Dry, fresh, with a generous initial impact, it then expands into a wide luxurious mouthfeel; a round structure is coupled to its distinctive balance between sweet and acid sensations; full-flavoured with hints that recall the fruity notes of the bouquet and then develop into a rich, delicate and deep palate, delightful throughout its long and elegant persistent finish.
Serving temperature
Should be served cooled but never iced; ideal temperature: 8° - 12° C. Serve in a stemmed-glass with a wide mouth to enhance its qualities.
Food and wine pairings
TRENTODOC is a versatile wine that can be enjoyed throughout a meal and can be paired to numerous Mediterranean or regional dishes – the latter being particularly varied and close to local gastronomic traditions. Enjoy it with fish, white meats, but also with rice, pasta with vegetable sauces and lastly – for a quite unusual match – with cured-meats from Trentino. Spumante is classic with slightly mature cheese and with savoury aperitif pastries. In its demi-sec version, it also goes well with fresh-fruit cakes or fine biscuits.

Source: Palazzo Roccabruna - Enoteca Provinciale del Trentino