Müller Thurgau
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Müller Thurgau

The Müller Thurgau grape variety was created by Prof. Hermann Müller between 1882 and 1891 in Geisenheim by crossing Riesling with Madeleine Royale.
In Trentino, it is found in all the areas suited to farming vines; specifically it is largely cultivated in the Val di Cembra, where it has found its ideal habitat.
Müller Thurgau produces a straw-yellow wine with greenish hues, presenting a striking aromatic bouquet with notes of sage and green apple.
It has a light, dry and pleasingly sharp taste.
Trentino D.O.C. Müller Thurgau is excellent when served at 10-12° C, both as an aperitif and when paired to local dishes from mountain cuisine or to starters with shellfish sauces or char-grilled fish. 

Tasting notes
Crystal clear, light yellow with greenish tones, this wine shines for its simple and definite personality.
Its colour and aroma are woven together in a clear aromatic bouquet; striking aromas that are delicate yet clear-cut and clean, reminiscent of the vine’s flowers; slightly spiced, with dense notes of sage and jasmine as well as white peach and unripe apple.
Lightly acidulous, it has a thin, sinewy structure; dry, savoury, tantalizing, it pleases for its delicately Muscat-like flavours that recall the typical fragrances of this wine: balanced, elegant and pleasantly enjoyable.
Serving temperature
10° - 12° C.
Food and wine pairings
This white wine is perfect for drinking when still young, ideal as an aperitif and suited both to traditional mountain dishes, such as vegetable gnocchi or lake trout, and to fish-based food such as fried fish dishes and char-grilled shellfish.

Source: Palazzo Roccabruna - Enoteca Provinciale del Trentino